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YNH Empowering Trainers to Empower Learners

Since 2008, YNH services has been working very hard to introduce a culture of e-learning into our organisation.  We have found the usual barriers of resistance to new technologies, fear of putting oneself out there online and lack of time to investigate and learn to use the technologies.  After trying several strategies including a staff wiki and flexible delivery of a short course we learnt that in order to be able to embed e-learning we needed to have e-learning enabled personnel in our organisation.  So a decision was taken to introduce e-learning into our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  If graduates of this course could be employed at YNH Services we would eventually develop a pool of e-learning enabled Tutors who would be equipped to pass these skills on.

Past students of our TAA course have given us feedback that it would be useful if they could complete the course without having to attend classes every week.  The target learners in this course are traditionally employed and therefore time poor.  They have also been drawn from a wider geographical area than many of our other learner groups with students travelling from up to 60 kilometres away.  Mostly they have studied previously and hold a qualification but often at a lower level than Certificate IV and so many enrol in the course only to find it a lot more difficult and with a lot more time commitment involved than they had imagined.

The model for E-learning that we have decided to use is a Blended model.  There will be a Face to Face component.  The students will use print version manuals as their main resource.  A wiki will be used as a Learning Management system.  Elluminate virtual classroom will be used to alleviate the necessity to meet face to face on a weekly basis. 

We feel that the importance of Face to Face interaction as part of the model cannot be overstated.  The students will be inducted to the E-learning component in a Face to Face classroom and we hope that this will prevent some of the resistance to online technologies.  We will also encourage study groups so that students can better develop relationships.  Students who reside close together can form study groups.

Many students have indicated a preference for print based materials so we have kept traditional manuals as the main resource. Assessments tasks will be delivered electronically via email.  The wiki will be used as another tool to encourage interaction between the students and also as a communication tool between tutors and students. 

We have also included the diploma elective TAADEL501B Facilitate e-elearning. This should help to reinforce our goal to embed e-learning.  The wiki will then be used by students as their LMS for delivery of the piece of learning that they will deliver for the unit.  They will be required to upload a learning object and post discussions for their students.

So this is the Plan.  Lets see where it leads!!!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Pauline,

    Great idea to set up this blog. Nice and clear and paints the picture of your journey at YNH perfectly.

    I like the point you make about the need for ‘study groups’, this type of ‘scaffolding’ is essential for success in a blended model.


  2. Thanks Carole, I know the students who have formed study groups have found them invaluable.

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